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Gazebo Gardens food truck nights expands to Thursdays

foodtruck2Got plans tomorrow night? The food truck nights at Gazebo Gardens have expanded to Thursdays. It started with Saturdays last year, expanded to Fridays and the nursery tried out its first Thursday last week. It worked, so it’s now a regular thing. If you haven’t been to a food truck night there yet, here’s what to expect: Several food trucks, a walk through some blooming roses to get to them, lots of craft beer in the beer garden (get it? beer garden, at a nursery, heh), lovely local music and a general sense of friendliness and community. (And the occasional Amtrak train speeds by, which somehow adds a bit of unique charm.)

The event runs from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. all three days. The only thing different about Thursdays is that instead of a live band, it will be open mic night. (As the Gazebo Gardens Facebook page says: “So far, no Grammy contenders- just people smiling and cheering each other on.”)

Food trucks vary each time, but it’s not unusual to see everyone from Dusty Buns to frozen yogurt truck Gorilla Gurt. Keep tabs on each truck’s Facebook or Twitter page to see if they’ll be there. Gazebo owner Scott Miller said that not only are lots of people turning out for the events, but food truck owners were asking for another night. He even hinted that Gazebo might be the site of a more permanent evolution of the food truck movement.

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