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Do you eat dinner downtown? Would you?

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The Downtown Club is now open for dinner Wednesdays through Saturdays.
Photo: Eric Paul Zamora.

The Downtown Club is now serving dinner. Doing dinnertime business has always been the plan since the new owners took over. Now, from Wednesday through Saturday you can get dinner from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The bar just reopened too and happy hour is during the same time period. Owner Nick Farid says two people can get two dinner entrees and a bottle of house wine for $49. The menu includes New York steak, salmon and chicken Marsala.

I’m sure this news will please my fellow blogger and downtown resident Joshua Tehee, who complained about the lack of downtown dinnertime options in a recent column¬†about new restaurants opening downtown:

The majority of these new businesses will cater to the many government and office workers, operating limited hours and only during the workweek.

That makes practical sense.

But it’s frustrating for those of us who live (and work and play) downtown and are eager for a vibrant, urban community that includes life after 5 p.m. on Fridays.

There certainly are restaurants that are open for dinnertime business — Joe’s Steakhouse and Peeve’s come to mind — along with restaurants that will open for special events, such as when the Broadway show “Wicked” was in town. But there are plenty that close after the lunchtime rush too. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg issue when it comes to downtown dining. Restaurants won’t want to be open and pay employees if no one comes. But diners won’t come unless they know a restaurant is reliably open. What do you think?

Responses to "Do you eat dinner downtown? Would you?"

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

I eat dwntwn about once every 2 weeks and I live all the way on Willow and International. I support dwntwn bizz, but dwtwn hasnt met the critical mass of people yet to establish a consistent dwntwn crowd. I mean….the old Heros was an AWESOME venue. But being that it was dwntwn hurt its chances of surviving. U put that exact same building/venue in Riverpark and it would rival WSC back then. I eat at Kikku, New China restaraunt, mediterranean cafe, and Cosmo, and of course El gante!!!!

Ben Weemes says:

I eat at downtown more often than I used to because more of my friends live in or close to downtown and more events are starting to happen down there. I think that once more bars/clubs/coffee houses/venues open up in downtown, the nightlife will start to pick up and then the restaurants will have a reason to stay open late.

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