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Celebrating the Solstice


Having the summer solstice fall on a Saturday this year adds even more of a celebratory feel — you don’t want to miss out marking the longest day of the year. The artists of the California Contemporary Art Collective will gather at 1821 Gallery & Studios for a reception Saturday honoring their show “Summer Solstice: The Longest Light.” Donnalee Dunne, Juliana Harris, Linda Koch, Trude McDermott, Anne Scheid, Joan Sharma and Robert Weibel will each get an opportunity to talk about their work. The artists will begin to speak about 4 p.m.

Included in the festivities: Mattie’s Wood Fired Pizza and Ooh De Lolli Ice Pops along with music by Debbi Ruud.

Pictured: “Sunshine Extreme” by Linda Koch.

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