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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

london promo shot final cropAfter getting your morning (or afternoon, or nightly) cup of joe

1. Music for London Library Project
Blake Jones put together two days of music to raise money to build a library in London (California, not England).

2. Songs of Kris Kristofferson
Kris Kristofferson may be the coolest dude ever. This is a tribute to him (and his music).

3. “Jersey Boys”
The Frank Valli story done by the guy who made “Unforgiven.”
4. “Macbeth”
Yes, the play (part of the Woodward Shakespeare Festival) actually opens this week.

5. Devin’s Guided Bike Tour Ride No. 3
This is the last in a three-part series of bike tours around downtown. You’ll see: Chris Sorensen art studio and the Fresno Arch.

And five for the music fans:

1. AC Myles album release
2. Morgan Heritage
3. Rogues, Light Thieves, Le Wolves, Stateless
4. Rich and Anna
5. Human Behavior

Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend"

blake says:

Thanks Josh for the coverage of the Music for the London Library Project concerts. I’m very excited about what that library can do for the kids of London, CA.

—Come on out y’all to Peeve’s on Saturday and London itself on Sunday afternoon—and it’ll get you back in time to check out Roger Perry Sunday evening.

Lisa says:

Come out to Woodward Park and see “Macbeth.” It’s free with park admission.

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