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Where are the male bikini baristas?


Boy, people sure have a lot to say about women who serve coffee in bikinis. Today’s story about two new bikini barista coffee shopsJava Girls at Spruce and Herndon avenues and the soon-to-open Pink Pantherz at Shaw and Brawley avenues — is inspiring all kinds of debate. (Seriously, 120+ comments on the Bee’s Facebook page alone.)

But there’s one side conversation that keeps coming up: Why don’t we have coffee shops with men in Speedos serving coffee? Or as one Facebook commenter so passionately put it:

WHY HAVE NONE OF THESE OWNERS HIRED HOT GUYS TO RUN AROUND SERVING COFFEE TO WOMEN?!?!?! am I the only one that sees a blown opportunity??!!

They do exist, but not here. There are a lot of nuances to this question, such as would women want to be served coffee by nearly naked men? What would the baristas wear? What does the lack of these businesses say about how society views women and their bodies?

Responses to "Where are the male bikini baristas?"

Cruella says:

At the risk of being judged as someone who has some sort of insecurity about my own identity (I don’t), I find it appalling that something like this even exists. It doesn’t, however, surprise me that it exists here in Fresno. Just because women are the ones running the business, does not make it any less sexist. Just because women know how to take advantage of men’s neanderthal opinions of women, does not make it okay to continue to perpetuate those opinions.

At a time in this country when women are being put down and attacked stronger than they have in decades, when rape is becoming more “acceptable” because it’s “their own fault” according to the men making the laws (and doing the raping), when young girls are fighting even harder than ever all over the world for the right to an education in order to better themselves and become real contributors to society, THIS is what we’ve come to. This is the contribution that gets the press here in Fresno. It is disgusting and insulting. Equal time with men doing the same half-naked serving would certainly be fair. But that doesn’t make it right. When can we learn to respect each other and get past this childish adolescence?

Even if you don’t have a problem with the horrible stereotyping and flagrant sexism of this ridiculous idea, what about the hygienic aspect? Something about being served by someone who is basically in their underwear, is so unpalatable to me. How does this not violate health & safety codes? I don’t know if your butt is clean, but there it is, at table level, where I’m sitting. Did you wipe thoroughly enough when you went to ladies room right before you brought my food? Maybe you have some weird non-specific rash or discharge – I don’t want you touching my food with only one thin layer of material keeping it from my fries. And what am I supposed to do with this pubic hair I just found in my salad? Didn’t take much for it to slide out from that little bit of elastic, did it? Granted, we also have to trust a fully clothed server to use proper hygiene when we dine out. But I feel a lot more confident dealing with their multiple layers of clothing, than being one thin strip of polyester away from a tampon string.

Scott says:

Here’s my 2 cents. These establishments exist, because there is a market for it. How do I know this, because they not only are staying open, but some of them are expanding (such as the Clovis one that is part of a chain). I have never visited one of these, and have no plans to, not because I don’t appreciate the female body, but because I don’t drink coffee, and I generally don’t visit Hooters or any strip clubs either, it’s just not something I need, or have the money to waste on.
I fail to see the connection on hygiene at these places, I can not wipe my ass properly at McDonald’s while in full clothes, just as easily as I can at one of these places in a bikini. When was the last time you had poop running down your leg? I’m betting never, and if you did you didn’t stay at work. Some people might possibly be grossed out by THINKING about it since you can just about see the feminine parts you are concerned with, but the fact is there is no difference at all besides another layer of clothes that is more baggy. Really it’s more of a prudish response as opposed to an actual concern. I’m sure many people do have it though, no problem, they won’t shop there.
Finally, as to the question of why no men, as pointed out in the article, these do exist, however the market is very small for it. Men enjoy the female body enough to pay a premium for coffee in order to see a woman in a bikini, while outside of highly populated metropolitan areas (with a large array of women), or area’s that are catering to a large gay crowd, there just aren’t enough women, or men that are willing to visit. Is it right, I don’t know, but it’s a fact. Business people study these things before investing, and if the market isn’t there, they won’t hope to create one and see what happens. Men, in general, love the female figure, women on the other hand are less enamored of the male figure, it is what it is.

pk says:

Yup… negative nellie here too! I do not want to look at someones privates/or outlines of such, male or female, while eating or drinking……disgusting…wouldn’t patronize them….
But am sure in the interest of some sort of ‘liberation’ (insert cause here) it will embody the success of said cause….smh

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