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On TV tonight: ‘Grimm’

NUP_148565_0050_JPG.JPG “Grimm,” 10 p.m. KSEE (Channel 24.1): NBC is trying to lure viewers to the sophomore series by starting it more than a month before the new fall TV season launches. The push is needed as “Grimm” had respectable ratings in the first season but those numbers could use some improvement.

If you haven’t been watching, it’s easy to catch up. It seems all of those Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales were based on real creatures. Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is a descended from a long line of Grimms who track and deal with the creatures.

His life’s gotten complicated because his fiancée (Bitsie Tulloch) has become a sleeping beauty and is a coma at the same time a family member shows up for a visit.

Burkhardt gets help from the best sidekick since Robin first donned a mask in Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) who is on of the creatures usually hunted by the Grimms. Monroe offers an insight into a world with which Burkhardt is still unfamiliar.

The series works both as a crime drama and a fantasy tale. Take this early opportunity to watch this show where living happily ever after is a real quest.

Responses to "On TV tonight: ‘Grimm’"

Lisa Ovalle says:

I love this show but am not liking the switch of days or time.

$NAPP$ says:

It’s great being able to get back to Grimm once again. I love watching this primetime show and I can enjoy more of the show using my Auto Hop feature to skip commercials. I always hate when we’re at a great spot and then it cuts to commercials. Most of us already skip commercials, and now this feature does it automatically once you confirm this option. This is only available for use on primetime shows the day after they’ve recorded. I thought this was the sweetest feature available once my coworker at Dish showed me how it worked. Now there’s nothing like being able to stay tuned to my show and not those annoying commercials ever ten minutes. Since I’ve started using this feature my remote has had a break, and I won’t go through batteries.