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Pardini’s Cafe to close, reopen as new restaurant

pardinisPardini’s Cafe is closing — but it isn’t the end for the restaurant run by the Pardini family. The decades-old restaurant at 2257 W. Shaw Ave. will close Tuesday and undergo major remodeling. It will reopen in early 2015 as a different restaurant with a new name. That name hasn’t been chosen yet. Note that I’m talking about the restaurant here, not the catering business. That will continue as normal and its banquet halls in the same building will remain open.

After so many years in business, the family decided the cafe needed a change, said Jimmy Pardini, son of restaurateur Jim Pardini. Jimmy Pardini will be the chef at the new restaurant and will bring his Italian cooking background to the menu. Expect lots of pasta, wood-fired pizza, steak and other meat options. The new place will be open for lunch and dinner and probably brunch on weekends. It will add a bar too, which the restaurant doesn’t currently have. And it will look very different, with many of the booths ripped out and replaced with tables and a counter. You can read the message the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page about the changes here.

You still have a chance to go say goodbye to the old restaurant. And here’s the coolest part: The restaurant will donate 100% of its sales on Monday and Tuesday to the Boys & Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Responses to "Pardini’s Cafe to close, reopen as new restaurant"

Ernie says:

An interesting choice considering there’s a DiCicco’s across the parking lot.

Anthony says:

Diciccos is totally different than what the new place is going to bring.

Jane says:

Will miss the morning breakfasts weekends. It was a special place to have breakfast

J Andrews says:

What’s the latest from Jimmy for a plan ? Have heard breakfast again on the menu?

Anthony says:

No breakfast, long going to be open for dinner for right now and eventually lunch after being open for a while

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