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So what do you think about the “Twilight” movie?

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For the past two weeks, I have written thousands of words about “Twilight.” The stories have included everything from an interview with “Twilight” author, Stephenie Meyer, to the review that published in today’s Fresno Bee.

Now it is your turn. It is time to make your voice heard.

Did you like the movie? Did it do justice to the book? How soon are you going to send a wedding proposal to Robert Pattinson or Kristen Sewart?

Make your opinions known. Take it away “Twilight” fans.

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Responses to "So what do you think about the “Twilight” movie?"

Heather says:

I saw it today and … I think 20 years ago I would have been all over this movie. Not so much now.

I found it cheesy, a little too sincere, and kind of dull. I read the book, and the movie made me remember just how very little happens in the book.

I liked Kristen Stewart because she chose not to play Bella as I read her in the book: whiny and almost unbearable. I liked Charlie, who provided some comic relief in the movie (I don’t recall that from the book).

I actually found myself laughing throughout the movie at things that were clearly not meant to be funny. Jasper, I’m pretty sure isn’t meant to be a funny character, but the actor playing him looks like a tweaked-out Edward Scissorhands. And the person playing Rosalie has clearly been a little too influenced by “Rock of Love,” me thinks.

Anyway. Glad I saw it, I guess. Didn’t change my life.

jimguy says:

Vampires. One loves a human. So 1976. Next!

toni amador says:

i saw the movie yesterday i and i thought that it was so good i took my friends to go see it and my friend right next 2 me was yelling at the end of the movie but when the movie was still playing she said that when EDWARD came out she was yelling and my other friend was right next to her and every time she saw EDWARD she would rather squezed my hand or she would rather yell in the movie in some of the parts of the movie me and my friends were crying (it is sad in some parts)if you have not seen the movie TWILIGHT u should go see it and it is about a VAMPIRE name EDWARD and there is a girl name BELLA the main people r (EDWARD and BELLA) GO SEE IT KNOW.