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A few final thoughts on election coverage


Here are just a few final thoughts about the recent television election coverage before turning attention back to important television programs like ‘Prison Break,” “Lost” and “24.”

The news crew from KFSN, Channel 30 was banned from entering the Tower District restaurant where Henry T. Perea was holding his election night event. The reason for the ban, as explained by KFSN anchor Warren Armstrong, was that the candidate for mayor was not happy with the way the ABC station treated him during the campaign.

Talk about your missed opportunities. The coverage was live. It would have been the right time for Perea to get in front of the cameras and vent his issues. It is always amazing when someone suggests the media is not telling the full story and then elects not to talk to the media.

The ban earned Perea nothing. KFSN still reported on the election. They just had to do the reporting from outside the restaurant.

Despite the fact this was a history-making national election, fewer people watched the results on network television than they did a year ago. The increase in Internet was the most likely suspect for the decline.

CBS and NBC saw huge drops in their ratings numbers compared to four years ago. But ABC was on par with the last presidential race coverage. Fox was the only network with an increase in viewing.

Next day ratings totals show ABC earned a 9.3 rating and NBC an 8.5. They both attracted almost twice as many viewers as CBS that ended with a 4.7. Those low ratings coupled with the way Katie Couric struggled throughout the night should be the last straw. It is long past the time for Couric to go.

The most amusing moment of the network coverage was on ABC. After President-elect Barack Obama had delivered his speech, anchor Charlie Gibson pointed out Obama had said something very important that should be discussed. Before he could say what it was, the coverage was interrupted for a commercial.

As for cable, CNN had holograph reporter Jessica Yellin. It was impossible to watch her shimmering image on the set and not think “Help me Wolf Bliter. You are my only hope.”

Responses to "A few final thoughts on election coverage"

DLR says:

The reporter reporting from outside the restaurant like that definitely made Perea look like a wiener.

The election reportage by Katie Couric was pathetic! She should have stayed with the Today Show. ABC’s coverage was real good and Charlie Gibson never did say what that “important” item was -or at least I missed it.