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Where’s your favorite restaurant patio?

BEEHIVE ON THE EDGE COFFEEUpdate: If you want to see the results of your responses, today’s food page features Fresno’s five favorite patios with lots of photos. I know there’s more out there that people love, so feel free to leave ‘em in the comments.

Warm weather is here and that means it’s time for what Fresno does so well: dining outdoors. We want to know where your favorite restaurant patios are in Fresno are and what you like about them. For example, do smokers go to Livingstone’s patio so they can be among their own kind? Is Irene’s just where you go with that certain someone who spent the night? What about north Fresno? And who has the most undiscovered patio in town? Some of your responses may be used in an upcoming story about dining alfresco.

The picture at right is from On the Edge coffee shop on Pollasky Avenue in 2012.

Responses to "Where’s your favorite restaurant patio?"

Donald Munro says:

What I’d like to know is if people know of any patios that are non-smoking. I’d love to enjoy the fresh air, too, without having to worry about sitting next to a group of smokers.

Cheyenne says:

Red caboose Cafe on shaw and academy has a great family, relaxing atmosphere on their patio on the weekends.

Cheyenne says:

It no smoking, and they have a live band. We go all the time extended family and all.

Pam Dyer says:

I so agree with Donald

Jules says:

I’m a big fan of Piazza Del Pane’s patio! The Palm and Herndon location has both a partially enclosed and totally open patio, both non-smoking–very comfortable, great atmospheres, and really good food and service. The Cedar location also has a nice patio :)

Marj says:

Why wait for warm weather? My friends and i utilize patio dining in all but rain.
Heres my vite for best kept secret patio, Toledos in mission village @shaw & fresno.
Favorite latley has been Five until they instituted different price menus depending on where you sit on the patio.
Daily grill has a great server on the patio, superb prices on a generous happy hour which is far longer than an hour….like all day on Sunday!
Flemings is good if you get a good server.
Guiseppie gallos on herndon & nees
Ok thats enough from me…i want to hear more from others… We some new places to try!

Liz Foin says:

Non smoking a must! Fig Garden Village had The Ripe Tomato until this year. North Fresno needs a beautiful non-smoking restaurant patio. Need ideas

Carolyn Pierce says:

Antonio’ s at Blackstone and Nees or at Willow & Herndon

Amy says:

Fig Garden Village has the Elbow Room patio and La Boulangerie. Love them both. And this Sunday, Irish music in the afternoon on the patio at La Bou.

Junior Gonzales-Byrn says:

Irene’s Cafe in tower or Fajita Fiesta.

AOLY says:

The Best Patio/outdoor seating in the Tower is Veni Vidi Vici for sure. Love hanging at Livingstone’s & The Landmark too. Good People make for a Great Patio. ASP #audies #oly

T says:

The Limelight- partially covered so even in the winter days it is comfortable. Service is wonderful as well as the food and drinks! A toast to the chef and bartenders!

Bre says:

Veni Vidi Vici!

Brigitte says:

Eureka Burger has an amazing patio. By far my fave in the city, though I’d love more options!

Larry says:

Alas, too many patios in Fresno are occupied by slowly dying smokers.

Gretta says:

Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article.
Thank you for providing this information.

felix says:

As many commenters mentioned, all the patios in the Tower District are unusable for a non-smoker. When will non-smokers be able to dine al fresco in the Tower? That being said, Toledo’s in Pinedale has a nice patio that is usually smoke free. We go there.

Bethany Clough says:

If you read the story, you’ll see that two of the patios are strictly nonsmoking and very sought after by customers vocal about a smoke-free environment (they’re not in the Tower District though).

Tom Walzem says:

You can get beer and food at Gazebo Gardens on Friday and Saturday, and you can bring your dog!

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