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Fresno fashion question: Are white lace socks back?

I spotted this on a mannequin at the H&M clothing store opening in River Park Thursday. These look like the same little white socks I used to wear with dress shoes when I was 6. Is this a trend that’s coming back? For adults? Think of all the blisters it could save us from. What do you think, Fresno — should this trend get popular with adults or is best left in the past? Let us know in the comment section.

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Responses to "Fresno fashion question: Are white lace socks back?"

Kathy Harland says:

Please..No! Keep it for 6 year olds.

Mina M says:

Was going to type “yeah, if you’re six,” but someone beat me to it! Lol. Guess it’s a unanimous assumption.

Hanford native says:

Only if you want to broadcast your mental age–or legitimately have not yet completed puberty.

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