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A local beer blog, plus women and beer

IMG_20140502_144531Interest in craft beer is growing like crazy┬áso it’s no surprise that Fresno now has its very own beer blogger. Whose Craft debuted this spring focusing on craft beer and the Central Valley. (The name is a play on craft beer and the TV show “Doctor Who.”) The blog features rundowns of regional beer festivals, spotlights local breweries and has lots of information about the holy-crap-there’s-a-lot-to-learn world of craft beer. You can read it here and follow the Facebook page here.

Behind the blog is 24-year-old Kelly Chandler. She graduated from Fresno State last year and really likes beer. So much so that she started a blog about it to share everything she’s learning. The blog is written in a way that newbies or people who are just dabbling in craft beer can understand.

Kelly is not the typical image of a person in the craft beer world. For some reason that seems to be men with big beards. (Seriously, what is the connection between craft beer and beards?) Women make up just 37% of the craft beer market. Anyway, earlier this month she launched Whose Crafty Ladies, a group of mostly women who will meet up monthly to chat about beer and yes, drink it. The first get-together is tonight from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at House of Pendragon in Clovis. You can keep tabs on future meet-ups via the Facebook page.

Responses to "A local beer blog, plus women and beer"

Kelly says:

Thanks for the feature Bethany! I post articles every Thursday and I hope to see you all tonight. Cheers!

Crystal says:

Thank you Bethany for writing about Kelly’s Whose Craft! My friends and I enjoy reading her blog … and taste-testing everything of course!

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