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Tweak Bird bring positive doom to Cellar Door

TweakBirdBryanRichardMartin1Tweak Bird makes music that is oddly undefinable.

“When you’ve been influenced by 100 bands, it’s going to be multi-genre and a little hard to place,” says Ashton Bird, who makes up the guitar-drum duo with his brother Caleb.

Bird is not the real surname, Ashton says. “It’s a band thing.”

The Los Angeles duo doesn’t worry much about genre. They just play and hope the music passes along their joy for life, forgetting the fact they spent two years playing with mostly doom and stoner rock bands, or that their sound borrows heavily from those genres (with flashes of indie-rock and psychedelia mixed).

“People have a choice. They should all feel fun and positive, too,” Ashton says.

So Tweak Bird does cheery sludge-pop; one brother plays fuzzed out baritone guitar while the other bangs away on an oversized drum kit that was a gift from The Melvins’ drummer Dale Crover.

Of Tweak Bird’s numerous influences, The Melvins may be the biggest. They are musical comrades of sorts, Ashton says. Aside from being fans of The Melvin’s catalog of songs, the Birds have been inspired by the uncompromising nature of that band’s success.

“There’s always been an element of how they did it that was cool to us,” Ashton says.

Tweak Bird play tonight at the Cellar Door in Visalia for the kick-off of a month-long tour in support of the band’s new album “Any Ol’ Way.” The album is available on limited run vinyl and tape, on Let’s Pretend Records, a small, independent label owned by a good friend.

Musically, “Any Ol’ Way,” is more confident, if less aggressive, than the band’s previous work, Ashton says.

“We definitely chilled out some,” he say.

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Cristobal says:

You should know that Gang Nails, one of the opening bands for this show, features Brian Fischer, who in my opinion has made some of the best music ever to come out of the Valley. Search for XY Breakdown Party, Rapids, and Drag the Lake, for MUSICAL GREATNESS.

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