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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

5things5-23-14Start your own Bruno Mars countdown and then …

1. NickFest
Any three of the nine bands on this bill would be worth the ticket price. Heck, Tera Melos alone is probably worth the ticket price.

2. Marjaree Mason Wish List Spin
Ride with professional cyclist Mary Maroon. This is a friendly trip, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up. The entrance fee is an item from the Marjaree Mason Center’s wish list.
3. Fresno Grand Opry
For country music purists.

4. The Big Lebowski
My friends (and bowling team) would slap me if I failed to mention this.

5. Comic Crawl
Because you need every excuse to put on a costume and drink. Seriously though, when did being geeky get cool? I missed the memo

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