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DIY: Photo garland

If you’re throwing a graduation party and planning on getting festive with your decorations, why go store-bought? You don’t have to invest in balloons, crepe paper and mylar cutouts.  Here’s a cute, easy to make and inexpensive photo garland idea.

What you’ll need:

-photos of the grad through the years
- yarn
- mini clothes pins

This one doesn’t need much of an explainer, it’s so simple. Drape a long piece of yarn; attach photos to the yarn with the mini clothes pins (large clothes pins would work fine as well). DONE.  Hang your garland — or several garlands — in various places at the party space (behind a food table, against a wall, whatever).  They’re fun and interesting;  and, if you’re like me, use them to perfectly cover up smudges or other marks on your walls.

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