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Swedies: Swede Fest XIII awards

SF13_Flyer_OL_FINALSwede Fest’s held its 13th installment last weekend at the Tower Theatre. While the semi-annual celebration of sweded films has never been keen on actual judging (it would pretty much go against everything the festival stands for), The Beehive has made it habit to hand out awards for what we see as the best of the fest.

You can see all the entries at Swede Fest site.

Winners receive their names in this post (great for the EPKs) and the knowledge that they left me (and probably the rest of the viewers) totally inspired.

And the Swedies go to:

Best casting:California’s Gold.” Love the gotcha, guerrilla-style film making here. BUT, it’s the dude’s Huell Howser that sells it.

Worth a mention: John Rios as Marty McFly in “Back to the Future.”

Best picture:Godzilla.” This has everything I’m looking for in a swede. It could probably win for best direction and best production as well. Here’s the rundown: Cardboard city-scapes? Check. Voice-made sound effects? Check? GI Joe-style action-figure stand ins? Check. The production values on this are huge. It boggles the mind to think how much work this must have been to put together. Also, was that a hand puppet?

Best direction:Gravity.” Wonderfully trippy in an art-film kind of way. Remove the opening titles and the thing works on its own.

Best actress: Alex Elkins, “Pulp Fiction.” This should actually fall in the best actor category, I guess. Elkins played several characters (and well), but I was most struck by his deadpan take on Mia Wallace.

Best adaptation:Her/Terminator.” Great juxtaposition, even if it is a bit on the nose, as they say.

Best special affects:Ghostbusters.” I’m pretty sure Slimer is a pinata, but it looks great. Probably as good as the actual movie (which I hadn’t seen in years).

Best soundtrack:Wolf of Wall Street” So much better if you watch it alongside the actual trailer.

Best credits:Robocop.” Also wins for best costuming and best gun play.

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