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You review: Club Imperio opening weekend

imperioOn Friday, I wrote this piece on Club Imperio, the new nightclub that opened at Granite Park over the weekend.

The venue (which once housed Cabo Wabo) has seen little more than lawsuits and bankruptcies in the last half-decade. Pino Borrelli is looking to change that with his new club.

He isn’t reinventing the wheel, here. The high-end Vegas-style- dance-club thing has been done before. It can be a success with the proper owners and management, Borrelli says.

Is he right?

If you were there Friday night (or on Saturday) for the club’s grand-opening, I’d like to know your thoughts. Were the lines as long as Borrelli promised? What about the $500,000 in renovations? Is there any resemblance to the old Cabo/Wabo/Club Rome/Club Eva space? How about the entertainment? Borrelli says he’s looking to bring in bigger acts and better DJs. How was the overall vibe? More importantly, does this seems like a place with staying power?

Responses to "You review: Club Imperio opening weekend"

Mark says:

Friday night we went and as we walked up people were walking right out. There was no line and inside there was barely any people. Lots of open vip tables and the vibe was uncomfortable . The lights are sound are very good but it feels like walking into place with bad spirits of the past. People looked lost and the music was horrible.

Went back Saturday and there was a short line. More people inside and more vip booths were filled. But for a graduation weekend we expected all VIP’s sold and a long line like in the past.
The music was horrible. I guess they are trying for an EDM scene but the DJ’s were both not worthy. These DJ’s have been here in the past when it was Club Eva. So I don’t know how they are saying Club is all new. One of the DJ’s is known for driving away crowds from clubs with his premixed, just press play sets. As a matter of fact there is a youtube video out there of this DJ at club in tower district proving that he doesn’t really DJ.

We attended Club Eva last year for Fresno state graduation weekend and it was jam packed on both Friday and Saturday. As a matter of fact almost every club in Fresno is packed this weekend year over year.

When Club Rome 1st opened it had crowds around the corner even in the rain. Sold out VIP bottle service week or more in advance.

Even when it was Club Skye and Club Eva there was sold out nights with long lines.
Several concerts, Jo Koy appearances, Concert after parties and more were fun and very well attended.
Mr. Janda could have stayed opened if he wasn’t so greedy and burned the promoters who tried to help him stay open. It wasn’t until they all walked away from him and he tried to run the club himself that it failed.

Kel says:

As a frequent visitor of las Vegas, and a “night club enthusiast”, I was pretty excited to hear that Fresno was FINALLY going to be opening up a REAL dance club. My friends and I love to dance when we go out; we don’t just go out to stand and drink, and stare at each other. But really that’s all Fresno has had to offer for the past few years.. Club Imperio this past Saturday night exceeded my expectations by a LONG SHOT. Everything from the decor, lighting, sound system, and music, was so perfect. I felt like I was reliving one of my Vegas nights. I do not think I was the only one at last call who was not ready to go home.. I will definitely be visiting the club on a regular basis!

Jennifer says:

I went on friday and saturday night. The inside is completely remodeled. A lot of time, work, and money went into every detail of this night club. I noticed the olive trees outside to the hand painted walls with complimentary statues, mirrors, and lights, Pino poured his heart into this and it shows. There’s speakers everywhere, capable of playing all genres of music. There’s a balcony where gogo dancers can dance, just be seen and not touched. The boothes are spacious and comfortable. There are security guards everywhere which makes me feel safe and protected. The staff was dressed professionally behind the bar and the bottle service ladies were classy and gorgeous. Everyone was smiling and seemed to enjoy themselves. I had a blast. The service was outstanding and everyone around me was having a great time. Can’t wait to go back!!!

chelsey says:

The place is absolutely gorgeous! They play the best music and the vibes were great! Saturday night was so packed and I can’t wait for more great nights at Club Imperio!!!

Kelly says:

I went on Friday night and was really impressed with the interior of the building. The place looks great and it was large and comfortable. I am not really into dancing or dance music but if I were then this would be the place to go. There was not as many people as I had expected but it had a nice vibe and I can’t wait to give it a few weeks to build up a reputation and clientele and go back. Will let you know how that goes…

loreinn says:

I was very impressed with the interior of the club, its nice elegant the lightinf and the sound is super nice….two bars inside and one outside, club was semi full, but the only this I wasnt feeling was the music the dj was playin!!! big dumbs down to the music…but the place itself its beautiful…

Kasanra says:

This place is mega nice inside, I love my experiance on Saturday nite. The only thing that I wasnt feeling was the music, the dj seemed to put the same rythem.for every song…too much techno..if they played different music, it would bring more crowd I believe!!

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