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Ramon Rodriguez accepts ‘Gang’ challenge

gr_11-ramon-singles_1507_LYGetting cast in the new FOX gritty, action-drama “Gang Related” is a big change from the last series role Ramon Rodriguez had. In this series, Rodriguez plans Ryan Lopez a rising star in Los Angeles’ elite Gang Task Force. Long before Ryan became a cop, he pledged allegiance to a Latino gang called Los Angelicos. That’s miles away from his role as John Bosley on the updated version of “Charlie’s Angels.”

He goes from supporting player to the heart of this series. It’s a complicated role that Rodriguez has embraced.

“The question is, is there an end game? I think my character hopes there’s an end game, but I think he sees throughout the season that it’s not that easy. There’s a ton of challenges going on, whether it’s with the family and the family trying to get out or whether it’s with the GTF (Gang Task Force) and the GTF trying to take down his family,” Rodriguez says. “So I think it just continues to get more complex as the season goes on.

“I think, in the beginning, I think things were very simple at one point, and he thought, yeah, this is a great way to get the family out, it’s working. And things really just get complicated, and he right now doesn’t see an end game, I don’t think, but he hopes for one.”

One of the best parts of the job for Rodriguez is that he gets to do stunt work.

“I get to do a lot of my stunts, which I’m always trying to do as many I can as long as they’re cool with it. I get to ride a motorcycle. I get to drive my car or stunts and jumping around. And as long as they let us, a lot of it’s a blast,” Rodriguez says.

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