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Bacon, bacon and more bacon Monday

Food Herbal Breakfast BaconBaconpalooza will take over Peeve’s Public House Monday. There will be an all-bacon menu from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. starring dishes such as bacon ice cream with a white peach compote on top and something the chef calls¬†¬†“bacon crack.”

The event is officially called Peeve’s Bacon Birthday and you can get more details here. Peeve is the dog that inspired the name for the downtown pub, restaurant and market and it’s the fourth anniversary of his adoption. So Peeve and his handlers figured they’d throw an all-bacon feast and then play Frisbee on the Fulton Mall.

But back to the bacon. Chef Sean Dunn has prepared a menu of bacon-related appetizers. There is a main course, but that’s a surprise, he says. They’ll also be a Spanish tortilla made from egg, bacon and potatoes with veggies such as fennel from KMK Farms. And of course, there will be the bacon crack. That is based on a dish from Commander’s Palace, the New Orleans restaurant where Emeril Lagasse was once executive chef. It’s bacon slathered in molasses and corn syrup before cooking and topped with toasted pecans. “It essentially becomes bacon candy,” Dunn says.

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