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What will a new Cosmopolitan Tavern look like?

M - ED WARD 122995

Cosmopolitan Tavern bartender Ed Ward stands in the longtime restaurant’s dining room in this picture from 1995. Photo by John Walker.

The Cosmopolitan Tavern downtown is making plans for an eventual move. In case you missed it, the Lanfranco family detailed its long-term plans before the city council last week to move to a surprising place: The Selland Arena parking lot. The family will build anew on the property. You can read lots more about it in this story by Bee reporter Marc Benjamin.

Cosmo’s — as it’s called around here — is in the path of a high-speed rail. Unlike Angelo’s Drive In, which is also in the path of high-speed rail and closed recently, Cosmo’s is not only committed to staying open, but to staying downtown. The Lanfrancos say they need to be out of their current property by December.

It will be interesting to see what a new Cosmo’s looks like. The restaurant has been around for 80 years and the property has been owned by the family since 1900.┬áPart of the restaurant’s appeal is that old-school dark dining room with its heavy wood bar. One gets the impression a lot of deals and important business meetings happen over lunches there. Here’s hoping they can take that vibe with them to the new place.

Responses to "What will a new Cosmopolitan Tavern look like?"

carlyn says:

Hope they’re taking as much of the original fixtures as possible with them!
[oh no -- it killed Angelo's too!? :'o( ]

Joey Guerriero says:

As a friend, I’m Very happy the Lanfrancos are able to relocate relatively close to the current location but this is another example of high speed rail garbage. They’ve owned the property for over 100 years and are losing a lot of history for a project no one in their 30′s will even live to see completed.

But again; congrats to Mr Gary Lanfranco and his family.

Ed Lanfranco says:

Yes it is sad to see the old building be tore down for the high speed rail sytem but I’m thrilled for my cousins to be able to re-build in the downtown Fresno area. Hopefully they will relocate some of the building’s history into that of the the new restaurant building.
My Grandfather, Samuel Lanfranco, bought the Cosmopolitan Hotel when he came to Fresno in 1903 and later sold it to Edward “Chuck” Lanfranco in 1933 and today Chuck’s son Gary Lanfranco owns and still runs it with his Son Joe. Hopefully it will continue in the Lanfranco tradition for many years to come.

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