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It’s Bike Month in Fresno. Let’s be safe.

On Friday, I wrote this commentary as lead in to National Bike Month, which runs through May (I Bike Fresno has some cool tie-in events, including the annual Bike to Work Challenge).

The column got response from several cyclists, who read it as a reminder of how wonderful (and life changing) riding can be. Despite the obvious dangers on the road, bicycling is worth it. Most people, even those who don’t ride now, have fond memories of bicycling, even if it was back in their college days.

At least one reader, however, reminded me that some cyclists seem to disregard their responsibilities as vehicle operators. For instance: That coming-to-a-full-stop-at-four-way-crossings-with-marked-stop-signs thing. His estimate for the corner of Willow and Copper was one-in-10 that stop.

Bicyclists get a bad rap for this kind stuff and it’s not fair. I’ve seen plenty of drivers run stop lights and stop signs, don’t follow speed limits and otherwise operate their vehicles with little regard for “rules.” They don’t get the same level of scorn that cyclists do.

That said, in an accident, car-beats-bike most times and fair or not, that means bicycle riders must hold themselves to a higher standard just to be safe.

Responses to "It’s Bike Month in Fresno. Let’s be safe."

JJJJ says:

if 1/10 car drivers making a right turn on red came to a full stop before the crosswalk, it would be an enormous improvement over whats out there today.

Based on my experience, id say its 1/1000

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