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If you see pink mustaches on cars, this is why

Fun RideIf you’re wondering why the heck there’s cars with giant pink mustaches driving around town, here’s why. Lyft, a San Francisco-based ride service app that connects passengers with drivers using their personal cars, officially started in the Fresno area Thursday. (And if you’re getting deja vu, it’s because another app-based ride service, Uber, came to Fresno recently too.) The mustache helps passengers recognize their ride and gets across the happy-go-lucky attitude that Lyft is aiming for.

Users download the Lyft app to their smartphones and use it to find a ride when they need one. Drivers have had DMV and background checks and carry commercial insurance that covers both the driver and passengers. Passengers pay a fee that includes a per mile and per minute charge with a minimum of $6. New users get two weeks of free rides for downloading the app.

Lyft is looking for new drivers and has a “founding driver team” in Fresno (though a spokeswoman couldn’t say how many drivers and earlier this week said the company was simply testing driver ads). But, she said Lyft officially launched the service in the Fresno area at 7 p.m. Thursday. Lyft’s coverage area stretches from Clovis to Tulare.

Responses to "If you see pink mustaches on cars, this is why"

Gayle Gutekunst says:

Please explain to me how this is not a taxi service. This will undoubtedly take business from taxi companies, which are regulated and overseen by the municipalities. “Happy-Go-Lucky” is cute, but not at the expense of legitimate businesses who are providing employment to hard-working people.

Michelle Perry says:

So glad to see them testing here. I have been seeing them all around Sac lately and knew it was only a matter of time.

Joanna says:

Taxi service in Fresno is terrible. Dispatchers are notorious for being extremely rude and drivers have little incentive for delivering quality customer service. Cars are filthy. Wait times are unpredictable. It’s about time someone gave the Fresno taxis a run for their money.

Dawna Hoffman says:

I placed an app a few weeks ago and I am excited to start I am currently getting my Car in shape to move forward with this I think this is awesome and better than a cab…. I am Excited to begin !!!!!!!!

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