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Angelo’s Drive In closes, makes way for high-speed rail

angelosAngelo’s Drive In on Olive Avenue closed Thursday after 60 years in business. The burger joint is on the edge of what is slated to become the path of high-speed rail. The owners do not plan to reopen elsewhere.

You can read all the details about how much money the owners got and why they don’t plan to reopen here. The dismantling of the restaurants happened quickly. By about 3 p.m., while the kitchen was still serving, the big red “Angelo’s” letters were coming down. A crane took down the iconic sign that once stretched above the restaurant.  It was sold to a local man who plans to restore it.

But yesterday most folks I talked to just wanted to reminisce about the long-time restaurant. Everyone I talked to yesterday had a different favorite, from the classic hamburger on a French roll to the chili dogs to fries with Thousand Island sauce. The drive in was a little slice of Americana that leaves lots of memories behind. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

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