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Fresno Urban Outfitters now a discount store

photo(70)The Urban Outfitters at Fashion Fair mall in Fresno is changing formats and is now an “Urban Outfitters Surplus.” That means the store is essentially one big sale all the time. Prices are much lower than they were before and racks of clothing range from “$4.99 and up” to “$29.99 and up” (and with a few exceptions most of the sweaters, dresses and tops are the initial price, no major bait and switch happening here). Both men’s and women’s sections have bins of $3 scarves.

Urban Outfitters made the switch about three weeks ago. It appears to be the third such Surplus store nationwide, with others in Sherman Oaks and Chicago. The clothes come from Bay Area Urban Outfitters stores.

The store also now has a couch, and a ping pong table and video games that customers are invited to play (Extreme Hunting, Final Fight and Lethal Enforcers, if you’re interested).

No official word yet on why the store made the change or if its prices on casual clothing were too out-of-reach for a Fresno market. Also no indication Urban Outfitters plans to do this at the other brands it owns, including Anthropologie.

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