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Evil characters rule on ‘The Following’

tf_36-james-publicity_0442.rcThere are two episodes left in the second season of the FOX series “The Following.”  Although the second season has wandered off the creepy path that was so perfect in the first year, the show continues to feature one of the most fascinating maniacs in TV history with James Purefoy’s Joe Carroll.

Although the series is about the efforts of a flawed FBL agent — played by Kevin Bacon — to track down the killer, Purefoy’s character has also been getting a lot of attention.

“I think people are really fascinated by psychopaths. Psychopaths are willing to step outside the normal bounds of human behavior, and I think people find that really interesting and people fantasize about that themselves,” Purefoy says. “Most people don’t carry it out, but they think, wow, that’s amazing that these people can live with no sense of empathy for somebody else or no sense of an idea of a consequence to any of their actions.

“And people find that a really fascinating thing, and I think they always have. I don’t think it has anything to do with ‘The Following.’ People find psychopaths fascinating in drama and have done for centuries. They’re dirty and what was that word? Skeevy?”

TFtf_10-valorie-elevator_0633_pw2Even more skeevy is the character played by Valorie Curry. Her Emma is a wisp of a woman with a pixie haircut. Emma’s also ready to do whatever necessary to make Joe Carroll happy. Curry believes the character’s not completely hated because Emma also has a very vulnerable side.

“Some people can absolutely sympathize and see the victim in this girl. Some people absolutely can’t. And she is very polarizing in that way. And I think that’s why people connect with her. At the same time, I think people are compelled to watch and love to hate her because she undermines their expectations so much because she looks so sweet. She looks so innocent. She can behave that way and convince you that she is that and turn on a dime in the next moment, which is what makes her so fun to play,” Curry says.

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Charlie Moore says:

There was a really good show on FOX entitled: “Almost Human.” What happened with that? It was/is much better than “The Following,” that seems to drag on, and on, and on, and …

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