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D.I.Y.: Peep Bouquet


Photo: Eric Paul Zamora

Thought I was done torturing Peeps? Alas, the poor little confections have far too many uses to be used in only one Easter decor project.

I have another: the Peep Bouquet.

This bouquet centerpiece will add ample amounts of color and glamor to any table. Bonus: It’s very simple and involves no hot glue — which makes it the perfect kids-friendly craft.


What’s you’ll need:

- 15 Peeps
- 5 plastic eggs
- small vase or container
- 1 piece of Styrofoam
- 15 skewers
- crinkle grass


Photo: Eric Paul Zamora

1) Fit the Styrofoam into the container. (Styrofoam from a craft store can be pricey. I was able to use recycled Styrofoam, but depending on the container, anything that will hold up the skewers — such as  cardboard or an apple –  can be used.)


Photo: Eric Paul Zamora

2) Stick the skewers into the Styrofoam, spaced about an inch or two apart. Varying the heights of the skewers will add depth and create the whole “bouquet” effect.

3) Stick a Peep on the end of each skewer.


Photo: Eric Paul Zamora

4) Place the crinkle grass atop the Styrofoam and at the base of the skewers, covering the ugly styrofoam and giving the container an Easter basket-like effect.


Photo: Eric Paul Zamora

5) Place the plastic eggs atop the crinkle grass –  and your creation is complete.


Photo: Eric Paul Zamora

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