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A successful Mini Maker Faire

I enjoyed Fresno’s second Mini Maker Faire on Saturday at the Fresno Art Museum: great weather, interesting people, good entertainment, thoughtful exhibits. One nice thing about the event is that unlike most festivals, this one had more to it than just food booths and crafts booths. You could actually learn something. I made sure to engage with some of the Makers — who represent “innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft” — and chatted with them about their work.

Highlights for me:

  • First time I got to see a 3-D printer in person and actually watch it print.
  • Meeting Kiel Schmidt’s baby goat, Abacus, and seeing the fresh produce grown at Tower Urban Family Farm.
  • Learning about FresnYoga, invented by Teresa Flores and Rebecca Plevin, and watching a group of yoga enthusiasts do their “High Speed Rail” pose. (Which kept getting delayed.)
  • Listening to Fresno’s poet laureate, James Tyner, recite his beautiful poem “Going North to Down.”
  • Checking out the bees on display thanks to the┬áBusy Bee Honey Farm. (I’m always a bee fan. Obviously.)

Bee photographer Craig Kohlruss put together a nifty video, above, about the event, along with a photo gallery. I took a few photos on my own, too, which I’ve included after the jump.

photo (4)








Responses to "A successful Mini Maker Faire"

Dana says:

This was a really fun event – my 5-year-old got to sew a pillow, make a journal, design a paper whirlybird, paint a mural, make a button, and watch karate, theater and art demonstrations. Hopefully this event will thrive and grow!

Daniel says:

Finally a photo of my project has surfaced. I am the creator of the StepMania presentation. There was fun to be had at Fresno Mini Maker Faire.

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