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Bikini baristas facing Clovis backlash

BOTTOMSSaturday’s story about Bottom’s Up Espresso — a drive-thru coffee joint with scantily clad “bikini baristas” — is the top story on The Fresno Bee’s website. A Clovis woman who lives near the Peach and Shaw avenues kiosk wants the workers to cover up and is circulating a petition to get the Clovis City Council involved. A video taken at the business is below (maybe a smidge NSFW, but it’s not over the top).

People have plenty to say about Bottom’s Up. They seem to fall into two camps. The first are outraged, including a commenter who said this: “… if you can’t buy coffee without making it about sex then there’s something wrong with your perverted minds … .”

In the other corner are the eye rollers who point out that the women are wearing just as much (or as little) as you’d see at the beach or at Hooters. As another commenter said: “Pretty simple, If you are offended don’t go to the business.”

Actually, there is a third camp who is pointing out how much publicity Bottom’s Up is getting since the petition was started and the media began covering it. But what do you think, Beehivers? Too much skin? Who cares? How do they not burn themselves making coffee in those outfits?


Responses to "Bikini baristas facing Clovis backlash"

Christian says:

So let me get this straight, there are people out there working (probably for not a great wage, but a wage nonetheless) and there exists a camp that doesn’t like how they’re going about doing it?

That sounds *entirely* reasonable… now if I could just find that sarcasm font.

Jamie says:

Minimum wage, actually. They did their hiring using Craigslist so the world could know how crappy the wage and benefits are.

Ortie Mata-kline says:

To each is own. If people don’t like it they don’t need to go there. There not hurting anyone. The people that are complaining must be very insecure.

Tim says:

Here’s the problem. Women without young, cute bodies need not apply. Women who are modest ditto. This business sends a clear message. Women on the job are there to be looked at – not for their ability. Is that what we want our daughters to believe?

Ellen says:

Don’t like it, don’t go. Don’t see what the big deal is – they’re not walking up & down the street.

Jenifer Casey says:

This is what gets people in an uproar, not the state of our economy, unemployment in the valley, or the need for repairs to our infrastructure, etc. etc. This is an issue that stirs up controversy. Sigh, and we wonder why we have the problems we have here in our community. Anyone want to join me for a drink at City Lights?

Hannah Applegate says:

well then again prostitutes make a living too…and even strippers…pretty young ladies who want to get rich … just to get the attention of others by how much skin you show..might work but its nasty..

Tim H. says:

The only offensive thing here is the way they pulled espresso. This town doesn’t need more bad coffee.

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