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Rose McGowan loves playing tough role

Crackle TCA PresentationRose McGowan — who “Charmed” her way into a TV career — has joined the cast of the Crackle series “Chosen.” You can see her work starting April 15 when the six new episodes are made available through the on-line network.

The first two seasons of “Chosen” followed the Mitchell family and Jacob Orr as their lives were changed when they received mysterious boxes forcing them to kill – or else. Now dealing with the consequences of his choice, Jacob (Chad Michael Murray) seeks redemption by trying to free Ellie (Caitlin Carmichael) from the game. this puts him on a direct collision course with a very deadly hunter (McGowan).

The series shoots very fast — a big difference from when McGowan was working on “Charmed.” But, the speed doesn’t bother the actress because she has appeared in so many independent movies that often shoot quickly because of small budgets.

“It’s hard, and it’s fast, and it’s dirty. And that’s my favorite way of working,” McGowan says. “I have really shied away from television for a long time now because of the schedule and just because I was on one for a show for a really long time on a regular network season and I’m just not interested.

“Frankly, I’ve been doing a lot of other things. And when this came, I didn’t know what Crackle was, but that’s because I watch the classic movie channels.”

In a lot of the independent movies — and some of her bigger budget work — McGowan has been cast as a femme fatale. Although she concedes that since her character enjoys killing people, she could easily be thought of as a femme fatale but because there’s more to the character, McGowan doesn’t think the term properly describes the role.

McGowan sees the character as a very strong woman, the kind of roles in which she specializes.

“I specialize in somebody that doesn’t (expletive deleted) around. If I was going to look at my career, the overarching through line is that somebody who is just bold and strong and serious. These guys have created that kind of a role for me,” McGowan says. “One of the things I love in the acting world is action and smart action, and those don’t always go hand in hand. And I feel like the thing with ‘Chosen’ is that it is very smart, and it is a lot of action.

“It’s not just grunting and pointing guns and ‘Oh, I’m going to kill you,’ da, da, da. It’s quite cerebral, and then I get to kill people. So that’s a win win for me.”

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Borat says:

Holy plastic surgery Batman. Borat remember when Rose McGowan was cute during the Scream/ Marilyn Manson days.

Barf city.

That is all.

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