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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

5things4-4-14Aside from pulling out that gigantic Stetson we know you have stashed in the closet …

1. Fresno Tattoo Convention
So, you can start your collection. Or hang out with the likes of Oliver Peck and Permanent Mark. As a bonus, the VIP after party features High On Fire.

2. Loft Hop
Another Fresno “hop.” OK. This of is for those interested in the mass of housing and/or loft spaces that keep popping up downtown (specifically in the uptown/cultural arts/mural district).
3. James Garner’s Tribute to Johnny Cash
Hanford Native James Garner is the man in black. I wonder if he’d recreate this picture for me.
4. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier
In my video games days, I played a fair amount of “Marvel Vs. Capcom.” I always played Captain America. I called him “Cap’ Ap’,” even though it doesn’t really make sense as an abbreviation of the name. Point is, Captain America is awesome.

5. Bici Vida
Bicycles! W/Pedal Junkies, Critical Mass Fresno and the Fresno Bike Party. There’s music and stuff, too.

Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend"

Carole Gostanian says:

The first you should do Saturday April 5 is to see the World Premiere of
the boy wonder Andrew Hagopian and his Armenian Dance Band Concert.
Andrew Hagopian, 14 years old, is presenting his first
Armenian Dance Concert on April 5 from 7 to 10 pm
at KuppaJoe Night Club on the Pilgrim Armenian Church Campus.
Andrew was taught by his grandfather Oud Master Richard Hagopian
and has been studying with him since the age of 5.
In 1989, Richard was honored as the first NEA Folk Artist Fellow from Fresno.
Andrew is an accomplished musician on the oud, kanoun, dumbeg, tambourine, plays the piano and sings.
He loves singing traditional Armenian folk songs while playing them.
and his goal is to pass on the art of traditional Armenian folk songs.
Andrew is the son of Armen and Rose Hagopian and attends Granite
Ridge Intermediate School. This young man is a super talented musician, and the kindest, most well mannered 14 year old boy in Fresno!! Believe me.
Members of Richard’s band will be playing with Andrew.
This is Andrew’s first concert and he is grateful and
looks forward to your support.
This is going to be a fantastic evening with
great Armenian line dancing for all.

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