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Very Superstitious

Are you superstitious? Baseball is. Clayton Kershaw
Baseball has some of the most wacky and traditional superstitions of any sport.

A player should never walk on the foul line when returning to the dugout.
It will jinx the team.

Leave your starting pitcher alone.
Don’t sit with him, don’t talk to him – don’t even look at him – you could ruin his mojo.

Never mention the ‘No-hitter’ especially if it’s occurring during the game.
Big no-no. It’s definitely voodoo related – even baseball announcers avoid it.

A few years ago I began a new tradition - the caricature illustration for the Bee Sports section on opening day or near opening day.  Besides being fun for me to do I have noticed something kind of spooky regarding the turn of  events surrounding the subjects I have chosen to illustrate.

This season I illustrated the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw in an Atlas pose holding an enormously large baseball. Shortly after the opener in Australia and on the flight home Kershaw began to experience pain in a large muscle of his upper back. He is on the DL (disabled list) for the first time in his storied career and will likely be out for at least a month.

One of the first illustrations was of  Barry Zito of the San Francisco Giants. Zito had signed one of the richest  contracts for a major league pitcher that season. He was a bust, turning in some of the worst performances of his career year after year* – even left off the 2010 World Series roster.

Buster Posey. You know him. Giants. Catcher. Suffered a broken leg in a freak collision protecting home plate. He was out the remainder of the season. Yes. I illustrated him for the cover of Sports that year.

But, I am not superstitious — I am just sayin.’


*With exception of the 2012 anomaly



Responses to "Very Superstitious"

Scott says:

SW, here’s my advice to you, keep illustrating Dodgers, pretend like you never even heard of the Giants

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