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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

3-28-14-3Between figuring out your taxes and health insurance

1. Antiques and Collectibles Fair
Because you’ve seen every episode of “Antiques Roadshow.” Or, more likely “American Pickers,” I guess.

2. Patrick Contreras w/Merlinda Espinosa
Patrick’s catch phrase is “violin on fire.” Here, he will literally set his violin on fire while playing. Wait. I made that up. I’m pretty sure he’s being figurative.

3. Tulare Sci-Fi Con.
A local science fiction fan festival? Yes, please. This is the event’s inaugural year.
4. Dirty Limbs demo release
Lo-fi garage rock with hints of proto- punk. Dirty in all the best ways.

5. “Cesar Chavez
It’s like, our history.

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