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Just what the world needs: a “Selfie Stick”


The folks at Horn Photo demonstrate the Selfie Stick. Photo courtesy of Horn Photo.

Taking selfies just got easier — or dorkier, depending upon who you ask. Locally owned Horn Photo is now selling something called a Selfie Stick. It’s a three-foot long collapsible pole that has a holder on the end for your phone. (This used to be called a camera boom. Now that it’s all hip it had to get a new name). You use it to take a picture with your phone three feet away so you can fit even more people in it (just think of all the b-list celebrities Ellen could have fit in her selfie seen ’round the world). Or if you’re solo, it acts as an extra long arm to capture even more of your surroundings.

You take the picture by using the timer on an Android phone or by downloading the free self timer app for the iPhone. The Selfie Stick costs $29.95.

It’s apparently a big craze in Asia. And Horn Photo owner Stan Grosz said he’s heard of people having fun with them here — a surfer using it while riding through a giant wave, a guy snapping pics while out riding his quad in cool places.

But if you use it in public, be prepared to be branded uncool. One Jezebel blogger compares using a Selfie Stick to wearing one of those dorky umbrella hats. My plan was to quote the blog here, but there’s almost nothing that’s appropriate for a family newspaper to quote. So I’ll just link to here and clearly, it’s a tad NSFW.

Responses to "Just what the world needs: a “Selfie Stick”"

Jc says:

Brilliant! Now me and my friends won’t have a hard time taking group selfies anymore! Yay! :)


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