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Win tickets to ‘Les Ballets Trockadero’

Le_Corsaire_Sascha Vaughn(4)

UPDATE: Congrats to winners Stephanie Bradshaw and Allyson Jensen.

ORIGINAL POST: You’ve got to see the dancers of Les Ballets Trockadero of Monte Carlo to believe them. The world’s foremost all-male comic ballet company is very funny — and incredibly talented. For nearly 40 years, the Trocks, as they’re affectionately known, have combined incredible artistry with downright camp. Men play all the roles on stage, male and female. (Each dancer is assigned male and female personas and often switches back and forth depending on the dance.) When they’re dressed as women, they’re men in drag, yes. But they’re men in bad drag.

Here’s the incredible thing: While portraying women, the men actually dance on pointe, way up there on their toes. Girl ballet dancers start learning this technique at an early age. These men have to wing it.

Fresno gets its first visit from the Trocks in nine years on Saturday night thanks to the Lively Arts Foundation, which is bringing the international touring group back to the Saroyan Theatre. I have two pairs of tickets to give away to two lucky Beehive readers. These are very nice tickets — Orchestra row N, priced at $55 each.

To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post answering this question: Which you think would be harder for you to do — dance on pointe or push a marble with your nose across the Saroyan stage? (Or, if you don’t want to answer our silly question, just say why you’d like to see the show.) I’ll pick two  winners, each of whom will win two tickets to the 7:30 p.m. event.

Deadline to enter is 9 a.m. Wednesday. Please don’t enter more than once. I’ll be informing our winner by email on Wednesday by noon, so keep a watch on your inbox. If I haven’t heard from a winner by Thursday morning, I reserve the right to pick another. These are paper tickets, so you’ll need to be able to come down to The Bee’s front counter by 5 p.m. Friday to pick them up. Rules are on the jump.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to ‘Les Ballets Trockadero’"

Stephanie Bradshaw says:

I love the power of male ballet dancers, a whole company of them fantastic. Add comedy to the mix is just the icing on the cake.

courtney kitzmiller says:

Push a marble

Kristy says:

Push a marble!

holli simpson says:

Yes please in jesus name amen

Kylie says:

I want to see the show! Love the all male concept; should be interesting.

DAVE says:

Proof positive that men can dance the ballet as well as women. There have been several great dancers from here in Fresno that did ballet such as Steve Pepper and Fred Bologna (but I doubt if they ever wore Tu-tus….)….and PS I could NEVER stand on point!

Karan Johnson says:

Hmmmm : I took ballet lessons for about 7 years when I was growing up and did dance on point. That was about 40 years ago and I can’t IMAGINE doing it now. Marble-pushing maybe. As long as the floor was clean….

Terrance V. Mc Arthur says:

Dance on pointe would be harder than pushing a marble across a stage. I have a large nose and no toenails.

I’ve heard of the Trocks for years, and never had the chance to see them.

Ashley McConnell says:

I remember learning about this company in my dance appreciation class at Fresno City and loving the idea! I would love an opportunity to see them live!
And I feel like pushing a marble would be more challenging, it would take me forever!
Hope to be a winner! Thanks!

Kathee says:

Dancing on pointe would definitely be harder. Anyone can push a marble across a stage!

Would love to see the show–I need some laughter in my life!

Allyson J. says:

Dancing pointe!

Lisa clark says:

Dance on Pointe!

kim says:

It sounds amazing!

Adrian Gutierrez says:

As a 6’2″ man with almost “zero” coordination, I’d put my money on pushing a marble across the Saroyan stage! Cheers!

Karen says:

dance on pointe :) Love to see the show!

christina Ignas says:

I would love to see these talented men perform.I don’t have the patience to push a marble across the stage nor do i have the stamina to dance on pointe.

donna harris says:

dont think i could do either! But i think this would be an amazing opportunity to see an amazing performance i may never get a chance to again.

Amy says:

No toe shoes for me.

D Rod says:

Hands down…it would be harder to do a dance on pointe…I gots a bazooka baby :^D

John Galpin says:

It has been forever since seeing a ballet. I obviously need some much needed culture to start my Spring with a pirouette!

Lora Keller says:

Dancing on pointe,
Just as hard as pushing a marble with my nose.
Though I would love to see,
a dancer on pointe, with a marble on his nose.

Yvette Zavala says:

I tried dancing on pointe and was terrible at it. Might take an hour or two, but I’m sure I could push a marble across the stage. Pointe is definitely more difficult.

Aurora says:

Dance on pointe!

Rosario Aparicio says:

Dancing on pointe would prove disastrous in my situation. However, I will be leaving Fresno, my hometown, soon and would love to experience “Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.” Thank you for this great opportunity and once in a life time event!

Brianne says:

I grew up watching my sister dance ballet and wishing I was cool enough to be on pointe. I love the power of male-dancers. Pointe + Power = Awesome

cecilia oñate says:

Never been to a ballet before would love to see and enjoy the experience. :-)

Maria Mayer says:

I would love the opportunity to show my daughter this! !

Catherine Astorga says:

dance on pointe for me…

Nancy Khounphet says:

I want to see it!!!!!

Ron says:

Dance on point would be harder.

Kelly Rae says:

I would have to say a male dancing on pointe is amazing. It is not an easy thing to do and having learned to do it at a young age helps. I would choose to push the marble across the stage. I have danced on pointe and it is not an easy thing. Could not imagine doing it at the age I am now. But would love to see this show. We need more ballet in Fresno.

Debbie Rowe says:

It would be harder to push a marble across the stage while on pointe. I would love to go to this show with my 14 year old son. He loves to laugh and I would love to have him see a different form of entertainment besides video games and movies.

Lisa Gluskin says:

At a certain age, one wants to be as close to the ground as possible, so I’d rather push the marble across the stage.

Ezra David Romero says:

Dance on point! This show sounds fantastic! Put my name in the hat!

Christina Morris says:

For those of you that think pushing the marble would be harder, apparently you’ve not studied ballet. Dancing on pointe is more challenging just because of the years of training it takes to be able to do it.

As a ballet traditionalist, I would like to see this show out of sheer curiosity. I’m a little skeptical about the men performing the female roles. Kind of like old school Shakespeare but for ballet, and specifically for comedic value. Curious.

Rita Bell says:

I can totally push a marble with my nose across the stage! Dancing on pointe is definitely impossible :( Which means, I really need those tickets to see Trockadero, please!

DeAnna says:

This would be a great opportunity! Definitely Dance on Point!

Pamela Thomas says:

Dancing on pointe definitely. I know I could get on my hands and knees to push a marble.

sal juarez says:

dancing pointe i could not do or would attempt. push a marble can do!!!

Liz Vasquez says:

I’d love to see this show because hey who doesn’t want to see guys dresses in drag dancing on their tiptoes :)

Kelly B says:

Dance on pointe dressed in drag.

Julie Hicks says:

Definitely dancing on pointe!

Ray Rios says:

love to go!

Susan T says:

It would be dancing on pointe!

Susan Taniguchi says:

I would think dancing on pointe would be hard to do, since I’m not a dancer.

laurie says:

Dancing on point of course. I had ballet slippers from second hand store and would practice as a young girl but didn’t succeed.

Jenifer Casey says:

Yeah, it would definitely have to be dance on Pointe. I don’t know how dancers can stand on their tippy toes and dance at the same time. I’d much rather push the marble.

Judith Palmer says:

It would be great to have tickets for this show, looks superb.

Janis Madsen says:

I would be harder for me to dance pointe on toes but more absurd to see me push a marble with my nose.

Cecilia says:

Dancing on pointe!! Although pushing the marble would be difficult as well. Sounds time consuming! I would love to see this performance.

Rob says:

Depends…if you grew up like I did winning quarters from all the neighborhood kids by playing marbles, then dancing on pointe. Especially me with my big clunky feet

Natalie says:

I’d definitely fail at both. Though, to answer which would be more difficult… I’d say dancing on pointe. You either can or cannot dance on pointe. However, you can eventually, with a lot of time and effort, push a marble across the Saroyan stage with your nose. :)

Patty Cappelluti says:

I could totally push a marble across the stage for tickets!

Dawn says:

Push a marble

Janice says:

Let’s be honest, both would be extremely difficult for me! But I don’t think I’d ever be able to get on my toes to dance pointe.

I would love to see this show. A co-worker of mine is going and we were discussing it at lunch today. These men must have exceptional talent!

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