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Throwback Thursday (Friday edition): Young Corbett III

Young Corbett III two
Didn’t have time to post a photo yesterday so I’m going to get one in today instead. This is a photo from The Bee archive of Fresno boxer Young Corbett III. There is absolutely no caption information except for his name but it sure is an intriguing photo. It appears to be after a fight, close and in detailed focus showing a swollen-shut eye. This is one of the better photos I’ve been able to find of him in our archive.

Young Corbett III started his boxing career in Fresno and became regarded as one of the best boxers of all time. He was the world Welterweight boxing champion in 1933 and the Middleweight champion in 1938. He died in Auberry in 1993.

To see a cool statue of him by sculptor Clement Renzi take a look outside Selland Arena near the northwest corner. You’ll see him in fighting stance with boxing gloves.

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