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TONIGHT: Squarecrow at CYC

3-21-14-2It’s hard to be a pop-punk band these days. The older folks, the ones that have been into pop punk forever (like since the 90s), can be a hard crowd to break if you’re not an established act. There is a younger crowd; kids who are discovering pop punk for the first time and starting their own bands.

But they’re young.

“And I don’t understand them,” says Todd Allen, who sings and plays guitar in the San Diego chump-rock band Squarecrow.

OK, they actually play pop-punk.

The band is in the midst of its first West-Coast tour (to Seattle and back) and swings through Fresno tonight. They play CYC with I Kill Cameron and 24 Hour Bigfoot Attack. I emailed Allen and got some more info on the band.

Quick details: Who does what in the band? How long have you been playing and how did the band come together?

I handle vocals and guitar, Daniel Riveroll drums and does the back up vocals and Ryan Murphy now plays bass for us. We have been playing together since April 2013, after my previous band took a break. We all grew up in the small town of Ramona, so anyone that plays music usually know each other. We all played in separate bands and finally came together to work on this project.

I am always interested in band names. What’s the story with yours?

We came up with the name and when we searched for it, this came up: “Lame, annoying, repetitive people, who talk you to death about the most boring of topics.” It was pretty clear that it should be our band name after reading that.

Tell us about the band’s EP and the upcoming album.

The EP is mostly made up of acoustic songs turned electric, so I think it kind of holds on to that vibe, since everything was kind of built around the guitar and vocals. The upcoming album that we are writing is much more of a collaboration of all the members. The songs get a bit darker and a bit noisy, it’s a lot of fun to write. I’m lucky enough to get to record all of our music, so we have control over everything.

This is your first “tour.” What’s that mean? Are you piling in a van? A car? How many dates? How many miles? What are you hoping to take away from the whole experience?

This WILL be our first tour together. It means that we finally have enough money to take a vacation from real life and see some friends that we haven’t seen in a long time … Also, play some music along the way. We bought a small jazz drum kit and have cut down on some equipment so we could all fit into a car. We are doing 10 dates and it’s a bit under 3000 miles. We are only looking to take away good memories and more friends.

You can hear the EP on Bandcamp and find the band on Facebook.

A video for Squarecrow’s cover of The Smith’s “Big Mouth Strikes Again.” Enjoy.

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