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Bandgeek!: Pato, Squarecrow and Enjambre

3-21-14All of your friends may be sitting in front of a TV somewhere vegging out on March Madness coverage. Not you. You’re looking at the plethora of live music happenings this week and thinking, “bring it on.” Here is our weekly music roundup in an all-new BANDGEEK!:






That’s what I found anyway. Feel free to add your own events in the comments section or send them to me at or @joshuatehee on Twitter.

Responses to "Bandgeek!: Pato, Squarecrow and Enjambre"

FRANK says:

You wrote an article about music critics last week. You are no critic. Ask Bentley about Don Mayhew. You shouldve been at that Tool show, you should be reviewing some shows. Thats what Don Mayhew did, and boy was he good at it, he got you to react either way. You review nothing. You blog. if you think youre a critic, youre the farthest from it. Dont be bitter about it just ask Bentley about Mayhew. Thats a critic. Siskel and Ebert – Thats who you should aim for. A little more substance a little less hipster image bro. The hipster glasses and that hat can be toned down, its like Justin Bieber, if only he put as much effort into his work than he do his image, he ight put out something worthwhile to listen to.

Stephen says:

FRANK says: “and while you’re at it, get off my damn lawn! And when we were kids we walked 4 miles uphill in the snow both ways and we LIKED it!”

Hey, Frank? Don Mayhew was a young hip music critic once as well. When he first started. Maybe you weren’t around for those years.

There’s room for both the Mayhews and the Tehees of the world, Frank. Mike Oz was the prolific music guy before Josh and he brought his background in hip-hop to the fray, but still covered all bands and music.

Josh brings his background in punk to the forefront, but still writes about and covers all genres.

Maybe instead, Frank, you should read “Who Moved My Cheese.” It might help you with your anger and Bee transition issues. Don Mayhew might be able to loan it to you.

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