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Fresno turns out for NOH8 photo shoot

UPDATE, 4 p.m.: Here’s a link to more photos from the shoot.

ORIGINAL POST: In case you missed Friday’s NOH8 photo shoot at the Big Red Church in Fresno, I thought I would share a couple photos from a gallery created by Bee photographer Mark Crosse.

Event organizers worked on getting the campaign to Fresno for about a year, and they weren’t disappointed with the turn out, reporting that about 500 people took photos.

Some of the Fresno participants showed a lot of creativity. I love this photo from Mark.


I was one of those 500 people who particpated, along with some friends (Zara Arboleda, Kim Collier, Stacy Pederson and Tanya Osegueda). Mark captured this photo of us primping before we stepped in front of Adam Bouska’s camera.


If you’d like to know more about the shoot, check out these news stories from our local TV stations.

ABC 30
CBS 47

And here’s a couple Tweets about Fresno from the founders:

Responses to "Fresno turns out for NOH8 photo shoot"

MsJoey says:

I’m sure Tanya is going to love how you captured her essence in this pic!

Tammy J says:

Fox 26 didn’t show up? I’m SHOCKED! ((eyeroll))

This is the second shoot I’ve done with this campaign and I had a fabulous time, so happy to see such a great turnout for equality!

Kathy Mahan says:

I heard that they sent a photographer, but I couldn’t find a link on their website.

Jaime says:

I’m really disappointed I couldn’t make it out to this, but I’m glad to hear it was a success. I know they’ve got lots of places to go, but I hope they make it back to Fresno soon!

So proud for Fresno. It was such a memorable and life affirming experience.

James says:

Did Tanya approve that pic? More important. Did Mike?