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You rate the look: 2012 Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Opening Ceremony - Lochte_Clay_Lanzone_Mitts.jpg

Today, Ralph Lauren unveiled the official Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms, which the company describes as embodying “the spirit of American athleticism and sportsmanship.” The 2012 Olympics start in London on July 27.

According to the new release, the uniforms feature “classic silhouettes in a timeless palette of navy and white with pops of red.” Much of the Olympic collection is also on sale to the public.

The women’s look includes a white blouse and fitted navy blazer, a cotton scarf with red, white and navy stripes and a knee-length skirt. The men’s look includes a white club-collar sport shirt, a red and navy tie, tailored double-breasted blazer and cuffed trousers.

So how do you rate this look? Is it a fashion win? Will these looks stand out during the opening ceremonies?

My opinion: The look is more dressy than sporty. My favorite piece is the women’s scarf, which is fun and youthful. I’d say they’re nice, but I don’t have a “wow” reaction.

Responses to "You rate the look: 2012 Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms"

ed says:

looks like a lot of what the u.s. has worn to previous opening ceremonies for the summer games. it guess classic is code for more of the same.

Kristin C says:

Is there an option for the female athletes to wear pants? These look kind of stuffy and boring to me, but what do you expect from Ralph Lauren.

Lisi says:

I think it is pretty boring and looks very much so like the last time around. Why pick the same designer twice in a row?

reader says:

Team USA? Looks more like Team France.

Heather P says:

Yeah, Ralph Lauren did not put their best work into this design for the men OR the women.

A double breasted suit jacket for the men? Where are we? 1987? And RP doesn’t have a single double breasted jacket anywhere in his collection right now. What he does have are a several rather well cut 2 and 3 button blazers and a fabulous one button sport coat that looks great with a newsboy cap. Why not that?

And for the women- yes, please give them a pant option or a shorter skirt. Most of those athletes have fantastic legs and should be able to show them off with something less dowdy. He already has them in his tennis and golf collections, after all.

And I am also a little tired of the berets. I realize that the most bad-ass units of our military wear them, but the athletes are not going to war. They’re going into a competition designed to bring nations together not tear them apart.

Scott B says:

Can you spell B-O-R-I-N-G ? Looks like they are in prep school.

David says:

And, they weren’t even Made in America. They were made in China.

Beth Bridges says:

Team USA? More like Team United Airlines …

If those are actual athletes modeling the clothes, congratulations to Ralph Lauren for managing to make them look dumpy, frumpy and old.

Wait till you see the mess that Nike made out of the track uniforms: