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It’s farmers market season and that means lots of local tasty food

CEK CHERRIES 01.JPGThe seasonal farmers markets are opening, which give local food lovers many more opportunities to pick up fresh, fabulous food. I thought I would share a few links to help you explore the local food scene.

Where to go?
Check out this map/list of local markets, including brief descriptions.

What to eat?
Cherries are just hitting the stand. The season is expected to be shorter for cherries because of some bad weather damaging the crop, but farmers say the fruit is sweet this year. It’s also prime strawberry season, so here’s a really great map/list of all the local strawberry stands so you can find one close to home. Other berries, including blackberries and blueberries, should be arriving in the next couple weeks. And there are lots of great veggies, herbs and specialty foods, including snow peas, onions, basil, fresh-squeezed juice, etc. available.

Where to find more information?
There are many great food blogs locally where you can get a taste of the local food scene. TasteFresno has a fun feature, “In the bag,” that shows what people are buying at farmers markets. Fresno Foodie has a lot of great information on local food and Pinch My Salt has some great recipes featuring fresh food, such as this strawberry bruschetta that looks delicious. You can also follow Fresno Bee ag reporter Bob Rodriguez on Twitter (@FresnoBeeBob), where he gives some insights on locally grown food. Feel free to send him your questions.

Responses to "It’s farmers market season and that means lots of local tasty food"

Andrew Gray says:

There is an awesome out of home cherry farm/stand at Shaw and Bryan just passed the 99.

Christy says:

What about the farmer’s market they used to have at River Park (on Tuesdays?) Is that still going on?

Kathy Mahan says:

Yes, it’s listed on the map link in the post. But it is on Tuesdays. Here is the info:
KISS Country farmers market
Blackstone and Nees avenues, The Shops at River Park
Tuesdays 5-9 p.m. from May through October