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You rate the look: Trashique 2012

The Fresno Art Museum did a wonderful job creating an entertaining fundraiser on Saturday with its fashion-meets-recycling concept Trashique. The event really showcases creativity and innovation through fashion. I really loved how the artists interpreted the 13 scenes, each inspired by different art theme. I particularly loved the Van Gogh and pop-art designs.

Above all, I find the use of these “trash” materials inspired. All the designs showed ingenuity. It was fun getting a closer look at the designs after the show and realizing how beautiful odd objects can become when manipulated in a creative way. I’d love to hear what you think of the fashion, so share your critiques in the comments for this edition of You Rate the Look.

I’ll start with one of my favorites, from Adam Mena (modeled by Skylar Devoogd), which used balloon fragments. (Sorry for the soft focus – low light + iPhone = not too sharp).

















You can check out a lot more photos at The Full Moxie, where Traci breaks down all aspects of the evening.

Responses to "You rate the look: Trashique 2012"

Stephen says:

Stunning work. Absolutely amazing. Project Runway stuff.

So very sorry I missed out.

Heather says:

This looks like such an amazing event. Would love to go next year!

What a powerful and exciting impression left by “Surgical Couture” collection. Haunting scary and radiantly seductive all at once.

Peter Robertson says:

This was a SPECTACULAR! SPECTACULAR! event. By far, one of the best fundraisers in Fresno. Nearly 1,000 people at the Fresno Art Museum. Art. Food. Music. Beverages. And fashion like no other. Congratulations to one and all. Can’t wait for the next one!

lisa short says:

Okay I was there proof is in the pics. Yeap that is me second one down. Have to tell you this was an amazing event. Even for the models. Food was great music was fab and the artist made it even better. Loved it cant wait for next time. Fresno needs more stuff like this. We have amazing talent in this valley.

Eric Gomez says:

Thank you Robert. The models and I had great time creating Surgical Couture.