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Rogue Festival Poster 2014by Tiffany Hurtado

“Bromance” is the insider show of the Rogue Festival. If you’ve ever had coffee with Marcel Nunis and know to the penny (including tip) how much a gin and tonic is at Livingstone’s, my bet is you’ll embrace this loosey-goosey production featuring two talented Rogue veterans.

I’m a fan of both performers. Tommy (the Rev. Nuge) Nugent, whose big Rogue hit was “Occupy This!,” has a street-smart, quick delivery that can belie his laid-back drug references. Kurt Fitzpatrick, who last year offered the trippy, stream-of-consciousness “Cathedral City,” comes across as dreamier, with a sweet, rambling timbre to his voice, but he can spit out a pithy punchline.

The two joined up for “Bromance,” which is basically a show about putting on a Rogue show — sort of a low-rent version of “[title of show].” It’s very meta, as you’d expect. Part of it is mechanics: We trace the origins of the show and follow the process of putting it together. (Every act needs a conflict, and they (sort of) find one when it turns out the Rev. wants to date Fitzpatrick’s ex-girlfriend.) Part is getting to know the performers — and their insecurities — better. (Nugent is considering truck-driving-school as a career backup.)

And part — which I found most interesting — is an insider look at the fringe circuit, including behind-the-scenes dirt on the Orlando Fringe Festival.

Fitzpatrick and Nugent have a nice onstage chemistry, bouncing off each other with self-deprecating charm, and the material doesn’t feel overly scripted. The cheeky sight gags (in more ways than one) and clever use of video spice things up. The clincher: a memorable Fresno-based rap. If you’re among the Rogue glitterati referenced in that song, you’ll be singing this show’s praises to the Tower District heavens. If you’re a Rogue neophyte, some of the material might go right past you — but, in the end, hanging out with two jovial performers can still be a lot of fun.

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Miss Detroit says:

Rev Nuge RULES!

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