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Is anyone excited for Stephanie Plum to hit the big screen?

I was checking the movie calendar the other day to see what films were being released later this month, and noticed “One For the Money,” staring Katherine Heigl, is in theaters Jan. 27.

Is anyone excited about this movie?

I’m curious because I know this is a HUGELY popular book series (the the latest book just came out) about bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and her exploits – some involving a couple of hot guys. This is a book series with a beloved leading lady that’s sold millions, so why isn’t there more buzz? If Facebook friends is any indication, “One For the Money” certainly hasn’t reached the anticipation of “The Hunger Games.” Is it the casting? Lack of promotion? Maybe the fans are happier just reading the books?

Responses to "Is anyone excited for Stephanie Plum to hit the big screen?"

Heather says:

I started reading the books, but lost interest around book 6.

Katherine Heigl is just so unappealing, I would never pay to see this movie. Someday, if it’s on cable, I can see curiosity getting the better of me, but until then … nah.

pk says:

Cant’t wait!!
Love the series and KH looks perfect for Stephanie!!
Should be a fun,crazy movie–!

Angie says:

I’m looking forward to it. I’m on book 15 right now. Not too excited about the cast but, we’ll see.

Dante says:

Huge fan of the series, though I do admit it’s starting to lose some steam.

The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters during the holidays, but was pushed back to late January by the studio. Never a good sign. This usually means the film is bad. Too bad, because I’d like to see Grandma Mazur, Lulu and the whole crew on the big screen.

Helen Prince says:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series. I’ve read them all. Can’t wait for the movie. Stephanie, Lulu, Morelli, Ranger, Grandma and all the cast of characters are hilarious. I’m posting it on my Facebook page right now. See you at Stephanie Plum’s One for the Money!

pesbu says:

cannot the trailer