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Frenzy for the new Air Jordans

People are crazy for the Air Jordan XI Concord shoes, a replica of the original 1996 Air Jordan. Seakerheads lined up over night from coast to coast to snatch a pair of the $180 kicks.

Things got a bit tense at Fashion Fair Mall this morning, but not as bad as at some stores in other parts of the country where shoe lovers broke down barriers and brawled. Here’s an ABC News story about the frenzy.

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A check of eBay shows hundreds oif pairs of the shoes for sale, some already asking for up to $500.

You know I love shoes. But this sure beats my shoe crazy.

Responses to "Frenzy for the new Air Jordans"

Steve Ryan says:

While this speaks volumes about humanity, it also speaks volumes about the stores that sell this stuff. If you KNOW you’re going to sell something that a ton of people want — like a 37inch TV for $200, Air Jordan’s for whatever, etc.. then the stores should really give out tickets.

Tickets — first come, first serve, no problems. This ‘rat race’ to be ‘first’ to get something is just asking for trouble.