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ROGUE REVIEW: Sweet Classic, Folk and Country Melodies

If you are tired of being ‘gleed’, “head-banged’, ‘hip-hopped’ or ‘country-rockified’ then you need Rogue Festival Poster 2014by Tiffany Hurtadothis. The ‘Sweet Classic, Folk & Country Melodies’ of the Highway 41 trio is a pleasant break from all that ‘clear channel’ and ‘I heart radio’ auditory assault you might encounter daily.

Highway 41 consists of Bill Jirsa (lead guitar, vocals), Sari Miller (guitar, vocals) and Elaine Fetterman (fiddle). The trio of local musicians have been playing together since Spring 2013 but individually they each developed their pickin’ and song skills during the folk era of the 60s. Their continuity is clearly evident as they begin their set with ‘Voice On The Wind’ and a rendition of Kate Wolf’s ‘Across the Great Divide’ – the gentleness of Jirsa and Miller’s vocals are soothing and help you form a mental picture of the lyrics. The acoustics of the Spectrum Gallery are fitting.

Their selection of songs are derived from the inspiration of the beauty that exists in The Valley from the foothills to the ranges and the coast. Indeed. One song written and sung by Miller titled ‘Coal’ is the affectionate story of her dog and the family farm east of Clovis. Their repertoire is a blended mix of Americana and all songs are faithfully rendered.

There are some standout moments for each performer, Fetterman’s fiddle on ‘Maidens Prayer’ and Jirsa’s own ‘Gray Foggy Day’ solo are treats.

My favorite song of their set is the Everly Brothers’ ‘Let it Be Me’ which is beautifully handled and the trio delivers a heartwarming performance. It’s too bad the song is barely over two-minutes long and the entire show is only 45 minutes. If you truly enjoy Highway 41 they have a self-produced CD available for $10.

Details: 9 p.m. March 7 and 1:30 p.m., March 8 at Spectrum Gallery. $5 in Rogue Bucks

Responses to "ROGUE REVIEW: Sweet Classic, Folk and Country Melodies"

Stephen says:

SW, what did you think of the Spectrum as a music venue for this group? Did it work, were you overwhelmed by the volume?

SW Parra says:

Glad you asked. As a venue for this group the acoustics at Spectrum were good and reverberation is minimal.
This is especially evident as Elaine Fettermans fiddle is mostly featured on the trio’s rendition of ‘Maidens Prayer’

The acoustics at Spectrum for this group are fitting.

melanie halstead says:

Very sweet performance. A nice break from some of the wilder shows. Real, down to earth.
The venue wasn’t great when there was Mardi Gras noise outside :-/

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