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Facebook has lost its mind

Dear Facebook,

I was warned last night by my husband that Facebook would look different today when I signed on. I even saw several news stories about the latest changes while working out at they gym this morning, so I thought I was prepared when I signed on today. I was wrong. These changes are just irritating.

Why do the clever minds at Facebook think I want to know every action of every person on my friends list in a constant stream? I was perfectly content with receiving notifications about my own posts and messages. I didn’t want or need a change. Why you think I care that Joey commented on Jenny’s post is beyond me. One would think that you would realize that one of the draws to Facebook is for people to DISCOVER conversations and interesting links and posts ON THEIR OWN. Facebook isn’t a Borg collective — users have minds of our own. I was happy finding the gems among my friends each day. Now Facebook’s a jumbled mess.

So please, Facebook people, STOP! Stop pretending that you know what I like. Stop tinkering for the sake of tinkering. And stop thinking you know what’s best for me.

An irritated user

Responses to "Facebook has lost its mind"

Kathy Baker says:

I totally messed up my phone too. Makes me want to delete the entire thing. Who still has Myspace? Maybe we should boycott and go back there!!!

bradley says:

You are making the mistake of assuming the UI changes are about YOUR experience on FaceBook.

Facebook is a data mining business using psychology and brute force to increase your interaction with the site so it can collect more data about you, your interests and your habits.

With FB integrated into the daily lives of 300 million people, many of them your friends who rely on FB for communication, the feelings of frustration over changes in the site are really symptoms of a bigger issue: FB assumes you are powerless to stop using the service, so, like all the UI changes in the past, you will eventually accept them — and they become the new normal.

You ARE the BORG, like it or not.

Kathy Mahan says:

There is a point where changes aren’t accepted … Netflix is a good example (600,000 people cancelled subscriptions over the price structure changes). I believe people will bail if they take away the experience and make the site too based on feeding business interests.

bradley says:

Kathy: you are more optimistic than I. We shall see.

Paul S says:

I think the CEO of Netflix just bought out Facebook!

Christy says:

I agree with you Kathy…I feel the changes are irritating as well.

Rosalinda Cooper says:

“Resistance is futile.” LOL

I am more likely to think by the reaction, most won’t be accepting, rather abandoning. I don’t find Google Plus a better option, though, but that seems to be the new big thing (it’s open to the public now).

Tony Gastelum says:

600,000 on a subcriber base of 24 million is 2.5%

I guess 97.5% went along

Cancel FB? says:

Facebook is FREE.
People PAY for Netflix.
Huge difference.

I don’t think any FB users are going to leave over this. They’ve changed FB’s interface 100 times before, and each time people have complained, but each time people eventually got used to the changes… and life goes on.

Kathy Mahan says:

But those who left made a big impact. Netflix stock has been hit hard. That has weight.

Kathy Mahan says:

Point taken. But there are people online talking about switching to Google-plus. If these kind of changes keep happening, people may be motivated to try something else.

Abel E. Jimenez says:

One more reason to hate Facebook, they make so many unnecessary changes except the one that matters most, raising the contact list above 5,000 people. Facebook reminds me of the Professor on GILLIGAN’S ISLAND who can make radios out of coconuts but can’t fix the 3 foot hole on the boat that shipwrecked.