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ROGUE REVIEW: Super Rock n Roll Magic Show

Rogue Festival Poster 2014by Tiffany HurtadoWhat separates an adequate magician from an amazing one is showmanship. With enough practice, many can master the kind of sleight of hand and misdirection needed to make a magic trick work. To stand out in a crowd, those tricks must be presented in a memorable way.

Despite having the catchy name of the “Super Rock n Roll Magic Show,” the performance by Bryan Patrick at this year’s Rogue Festival has all the pizzaz of reading a magic book.

Patrick is a solid magician. Except for a couple of miscues, he goes through his boxes of magic tricks with a deft hand. The problem is that his entire lineup looks like it came from the “Magic of the Month” club as he does the illusions that almost all magicians master. It would have been easier to give Patrick the benefit of the doubt if he was just getting started in the business. But, if you believe him, this is his 15th year of doing magic. He should have come up with some more dazzle by now.

The title suggests that the music will give this show a driving beat. But, most of his selections are either the kind of generic strummings done by a garage band or a gimmicky song like a lounge act version of “Another Brick in the Wall.” When you promise rock ‘n’ roll, there had better be some energy to the show.

rogue festival 2014It’s very distracting that Patrick repeatedly looks at the list of tricks he’s going to perform. He should have done his act enough that one trick flows into the other. But, they don’t. The lack of showmanship means Patrick does a trick. The show goes on hold. Then he does another trick.

And, unless Patrick is the loneliest man on the planet, he should be able to find someone who could handle his music. Seeing him look at the electronic device to pick his next tune also kills the rhythm of the show.

Patrick has skill as a magician. But, once you step on a stage, the act has to go from being the kind that kills at family reunions to one with a more glitzy delivery. When Patrick perfects that, his show will have the right balance of skill and showmanship.

Details: 2 p.m. March 1, 6:30 p.m. March 6, 8 p.m. March 7, 11 a.m. March 8, Mia Cuppa Caffe, $10.

Responses to "ROGUE REVIEW: Super Rock n Roll Magic Show"

Cube13 says:

Now that was a scathing review my friend. Ouch.

Mrm says:

Geez Rick, Pump the brakes. Seems like u have it out for this magic guy. It’s a ten dollar magic show not Vagas. A review is one thing but trying smash a person is not in good taste.

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