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Rogue news and notes

Rogue Festival Poster 2014by Tiffany Hurtado

We’re up to 20-plus reviews of Rogue shows. Click here for a tidy way to see all those reviews, plus other Rogue coverage, in one place.

ROGUE CONFESSIONAL: Our third installment has been posted.

CANCELLATION: The Thursday performance of “What Mama Said About Down There” is cancelled. The Saturday performances are still on. Scroll past the jump for other cancelled shows you should know about.

ROGUE SALON: Don’t miss Josh Teehee’s video about Marcel Nunis’ daily morning salon, a tradition for Rogue organizers and performers.


The first weekend of the Rogue Festival is behind us, but there’s much more to come. Don’t forget two “off day” events. On Monday night you can attend the third annual Beat Down Slam, a competition between Rogue performers and Inner Ear Poetry (7 p.m. at Mia Cuppa, $10). And on Tuesday, you can attend a Pecha Kucha night with “Muse” as the theme (7 p.m. Fulton 55, $5).

CANCELLATIONS:Including the three already listed on the jump of this post, there are now five cancellations total. “Here to See the World” (at Mia Cuppa Caffe) and “With Held” (at Spectrum Gallery) are added to the list.

LOTS OF REVIEWS: If you scroll through the Beehive, you’ll see reviews of 17 Rogue shows from the weekend, with a few more to come.

SELL-OUTS: “Bromance” and “Nightmare in Bakersfield” sold out all shows the first weekend. Better get there early if you want to get into a second-weekend show.

ROGUE CONFESSIONAL: The second video in our series talking to Rogue performers is up. The question: What’s your weirdest Tower District experience? Catch it on YouTube.

WHAT’D WE MISS? Even with all those reviews, we didn’t make it to everything the first weekend. Feel free to give a shout-out in this post to any gems we missed. There are still four days of Rogue performances to come.

Important info for people Rogueing this weekend. There are cancellations of three shows listed in the program you should know about. They are:

  • “Tunes Blue and Gray” at Severance.
  • “Carl & John & Emma & Yoko: Love in Shadow” at Mia Cuppa Caffe.
  • “H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Dream Quest” at Strummer’s.

Plan accordingly.

FIRST NIGHT SUCCESS: Attendance at the first-ever Rogue Teaser Show Thursday at the Tower Theatre was 675, an impressive number. Combined with the silent auction, the Rogue made about $4,000 at this fund-raising event. Says co-producer Amy Querin: “Huge and happily surprising success. We’re so proud of Fresno and the Rogue.”

We’ll be updating this post with other tidbits during the festival as needed.

Responses to "Rogue news and notes"

Haley says:

Passing this along from Beth McLaughlin, who is supposed to be our Rogue houseguest:

“Here to See the World” at Mia Cuppa is also cancelled for this weekend. The performances on 3/5 and 3/8 are still TBD.

Peter Robertson says:

The fun-filled Preview at the Tower Theatre was simply splendid. I cant’ wait for a fun-filled Rogue Festival.

Just one comment to review for the future — Rogue has always prided itself on starting its events on time. However, last night’s 7:00 PM start time was 7:25 PM. And, its announced 15-minute intermission stretched to 30-minutes. Not good.

I cant’ wait for a fun-filled Rogue Festival.

Stephen says:

And after Pecha Kucha Tuesday, head to Tokyo Gardens for the Rogue karaoke contest, hosted by Vince Warner (Rockville, Beatleville) and our own Amber Strid (Backstage Spy #1).

Cash prizes! Starts at 9pm. NINE PM! (the Rogue Map says 7pm).

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