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You rate the look: Kate’s royal tour dresses

Kate, aka the Duchess of Cambridge/Princess Catherine, is really putting on a fashion display while touring Canada. This princess really loves dresses. And I can’t blame her. She looks great wearing them. It’s interesting to look at how she swaps shoes and clutches and hairdos. I can’t wait to see what she wears when she arrives in California on Friday.

What do you think, does she deserve fashion raves? You rate the looks.








Responses to "You rate the look: Kate’s royal tour dresses"

Natali says:

Oh to have a closet filled with pretty dresses!

I love the white sleeveless dress and the black lace the best out of this grouping. Very pretty!

Yes, in this comment, my vocab is 4th grade at best. “Pretty!” “Pretty!” lol

Cyndall says:

I think Princess Catherine has fabulous fashion taste! I’d wear just about anything I have seen her in. And can we all just pray that she brings back the awesome hat craze? I’d love some vintage hats goodness brought back to the fashion scene and not just on the catwalk!

Christy says:

She looks great ~ but too skinny. Somebody please feed that poor girl a sandwich stat! ;p

Stephen says:

I say ugh to most of these. The black lace works (the last photo), but mostly because of her hair. But look at the bleak tan shoes she’s wearing (to match her equally blah clutch).

She’s a perfect coat hanger, wonderful body with overly muscular calves. So designers should have a plethora of interesting and fascinating looks for her, and these aren’t them. The above-the-knee doesn’t work for her, and she’s a brown-haired beauty who can likely wear most any color well, but aside from blues (and that awful red hat) she shies away from color.

I do like the gray ropeline dress. She can pull off A-line, stunning silhouettes with daring shoulders, plunging necklines, low-back looks, but she doesn’t. Her hair with the self-done curls at the bottom is cutesy and age-appropriate, but doesn’t work with the matronly dresses, cut above the knee to I guess represent her youth?

And what’s up with the ill-fitting looks shown here, with bodice wrinkles? She’s a Princess, are you telling me designers can’t sew for her??

I’m fairly disappointed by these looks. I don’t mind conservative on some folks (see: Camille), but she should certainly try on some draped and flowing stuff at some point. She’s got the perfect sun-dress look. Kate? Go for it!

ahmward says:

I think she has a beautiful wardrobe, and her clothes fit her perfectly. Everything is tasteful and appropriate yet she doesn’t look as dowdy as many of the English royals.

Annette says:

She looks fantastic. She was also beautiful at her wedding. Very classy. Although, being on vacation, I would hate to have to dress up all the time. But, I guess that’s part of her role.

Lisi says:

She looks great. And Stephan, her whole thing is that she buys off the rack, so no, designers don’t sew them for her.