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You rate the look: Versace swimwear

This look comes from Donatella Versace at Fashion Week in Milan. It makes me laugh because I could never imagine any of the guys I know sporting this look.


The Associated Press describes the look as “over-the-top poolside outfits with an extra large terry cloth robe and matching swim trunks.”

Over-the-top, indeed. Talk about an understatement! What do you think?

(To be fair, you can find some fine-looking menswear fashion here.)

Responses to "You rate the look: Versace swimwear"

janis says:

I wouldn’t take a second look at any guy wearing that!

Ryoichi Morita says:

It has gay written all over it. May I say that?

Lisa says:

I actually like the beach towel…that’s about it though.

Goodness... says:

So…. socks and sandals are IN?
My 90 year old grandfather will be pleased.

BJ says:

Even gay men wouldn’t touch that outfit – as separate pieces – maybe, but not together. & socks with sandals?! That is such a straight guy thing.

Cilla says:

Did you buy Kevin a pair? Cause you should!

Kathy Mahan says:

The scary thing is that outfit probably costs hundreds of dollars. He’d have an ugly outfit and I’d be broke!

Christy says:

I think my (metrosexual) male friend would be all of this! ;p